Guanajuato, has had many different initiatives that has put this state in the cradle of innovation in Mexico: From talks and seminars such as “Building Leon’s future through Innovation and Sustainable Development” to the creation of Pabellón de la Innovación and many other so-called Tech-parks, it’s not surprising even UNESCO called it “Innovation State”.

With different proposals that are searching to develop the state’s citizens life quality through sustainable agriculture, genetic engineering and different big project, could Guanajuato be the next Silicon Valley?

Manos Accelerator, the mentorship-driven accelerator program that provides “hands-on” education, as well as resources and guidance for promising Latino-led startup companies, believes the answer to this question is not only yes, but Silvia Flores, its CEO and founder and Engel Fonseca, Latin-America VP and the link between Manos and Mexico, are directly supporting five of the most innovative proposals on the state to promote change on an enterprise level, as well as through the government and its workers making countries grow, change and transform to Silicon Valley’s culture.

Novaera, Guanajuato’s Innovation and Entrepeneurship Ecosystem of which Dr. el Dr. Arturo Lara López, Head of the Innovation, Science and Education Department and Edgar Larios, General Director of Economía del Conocimiento didn’t think twice before accepting this collaboration and give the Innovation State a small push.

That’s how Manos Accelerator and Novaera picked five of the best entrepreneurs of Guanajuato to be part of Mano’s “Startup Accelerator Bootcamp”: Solena Green (An iniciative looking to bring biotech to farmers), Recombina (A company improving crops through biogenetics), Swup (A facilitator of car-rental services), Bala Di Gala (The mix between traditional Leon’s shoe-craftmanship and handmade details) and iD3A (Engineering and 3D printing solutions for the automobile, aeronautics and shoe-crafting industries).

There’s no doubt these entrepreneurs are looking to start a revolution and offer solutions in both a local and national level, so learning and being with the best women and men on Silicon Valley will allow their businesses to grow and deliver their knowledge to other Mexican ideas so we can change the mindset that makes many businesses fail.

If you are looking to bring your idea to Silicon Valley or to support any other Mexican business, know that Engel Fonseca thinks that “Every state in Mexico has to feel the innovation Manos Accelerator is bringing with Silicon Valley’s DNA”. Contact him to find out more about this initiative.