Portfolio Company Services Include Programmatic Advertising, Growth Hacking, Influencer Marketing, Data Analytics, Martech Reselling, Mobileand Digital Consulting

MIAMI, FL -NOVEMBER 18, 2020–NUMATEC, a newly-formed holding company focused on media and Martech ventures across the globe, officially opened its doors today. The group comprised of more than300 employees in 22 countries, is led by a team of entrepreneurs who have successfully founded and exited multiple ventures, and now pool their resources and companies under one umbrella. NUMATEC is acompany with two souls: the first, strategically investing in technology enabled service companies in the Martech ecosystem, and the second, partnering with the best available technologies to accelerate growth and distribution.

“The world is changingrapidly, and service providers unable tomeet the pace of disruption will be left behind.In an increasingly complex and competitive space, we feel strongly that the future lies not only in providing innovative client solutions but creating an ecosystem where their unique needs and challenges can be met,” said Giuliano Stiglitz, CEO of NUMATEC. “Our vision, coupled with our unique portfolio of companies and footprint, make us the perfect partner for Martech companies eager to attain more marketshare. We’realso the ideal investor for talented entrepreneurs who are looking to accelerate their businesses and align with the power of multiple brands and experience to achieve scale.”

Will Margiloff, Chief Strategy Officer and President of Programmatic at Zeta Global,a key NUMATEC partner, said, “Zeta began partnering with NUMATEC in 2019 to market our DSP in Spain, Italy and the Latin America region. We have experienced a great partnership together with their expertise in international buying and strategy for our Zeta technology, resulting in a substantial increase in our sales leads. We look forward to working together more closely in the future.”

Some of the innovative companies under NUMATEC include:

The Cookie Lab – A Colombia-based digital advertising and analytics firm that focuses on consumer data and translating those insights into memorable campaigns for their digital partners and clients. Their client roster includes Brightline/Virgin Trains, Grupo Gente, Mastercard, Bancolombia, and Miami Fashion Week.

Kanvas – A Mexico-based influencer marketing and production armthat connects advertisers with influencers, offeringa suite of top-of-the-line production capabilities. Theyuse their technology platform to create segmented campaigns and provide clients real-time statistics.

SíSeñor Agencia – Agrowth marketing firm with proprietary tech that develops digital strategies based on insights acquired from inbound marketing, growth marketing and guerilla marketing. The subsidiary’s philosophy is, “without measurable results, we have nothing.” Clients include Autogermana(BMW, MINI, MOTORRAD), Falabella (Seguros y Viajes), Gente (Multimoney, Beto, Smart), CIVICO, Black + Decker and MESSERamong others.

The Tech Partners – AMartech resellerthat connects an advertiser’s message with the right audience to deliver business growth. Simplified programmatic and artificial intelligence solutions offer brands a smarter way to advertise.


In the coming weeks several new companies will join the NUMATEC family as well as new strategic partnerships.

“Thanks to the partnership between NUMATEC and Sí Señor Agency, we improved our performance even during a pandemic. NUMATEC respected the principles of my company, they included me as part of the team, and every day we are moving towards the realization of an international company,” said Manuela Villegas, CEO of Sí Señor Agency. “We are strongly positioned, despite current global conditions, and our profits have increased. We work together to develop new business solutions and share the same vision for the future.”

NUMATEC has allotted awar chest to continue its rapid expansion, seeking other
like-minded founders who wish to join the groupand fuel growth. The main criteria for M&A will be whether companies complement the current stack, integrationand
over-arching strategy.

“NUMATEC will create a virtuous cycle, whereby our portfolio companies are truly synergistic with each other, while ensuring a collective obsession with client service and tangible results,” added Stiglitz.


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ABOUT NUMATEC Based in Miami, FL and established in 2020, NUMATEC is a holding company that owns and operates a fast-growing portfolio of leading digital marketing tech companiesin 22 countries. The company actively seeks out new opportunities to scale companies in the media and Martech industries to build the world’s premier network of service providers for today’s global brands. Uniquely positioned to offer superior service and value, NUMATEC boasts a global footprint that is unparalleled. Learn more at