It´s very common to take decisions and actions based in our ideas about our products or services as if they were for us


However, this can be right… or very wrong. Therefore, what we do guided for our own view, can make us successful or waste time & money

The big learning is that we must be very conscious when we think about our target consumer or user: are we in the target? or Is the target a different profile of consumers? When we are conscious of the difference, we will change the way we see the activities to promote our product, the improvements to the product and even the price

We will value things we don´t like, but consumers like or need. Sometimes, we unconsciously forget the difference between target behavior and ours:

1) A room with +38y people saying they have not seen the advertising for a cheap smartphone for teens…but they don´t know Snapchat.

2) Meeting with company partners giving opinions about how to drink a new RTD beverage, but no one drank or bought before a RTD beverage in a convenience store.Of course, ideas are the source of value, but we must make them go through the filter of wearing target´s shoes: How this guy (who is from target) could use this? Does this make sense for him/her? Where does he buy this product?