Really, one of the most common things we must do in marketing is to produce and evaluate materials. Starting with a poster and ending with a TVC, in the middle social posts and videos.

Now, in fact we have to evaluate pieces more frequently than we used to. The digital era and social networks increased the amount of communication pieces…and with different purposes.

We must be able to identify clearly when we have good and likeable idea that builds our brand and when it´s only a funny idea. There are many reasons, strategical and tactical, to be sure we select pieces that build our brand….and they are not likeable ideas isolated from the rest.

Therefore, we must set some criteria that help us to be consistent in the evaluation, avoiding selecting a piece only because we like….of course the piece must like, but first it must build in the proposal. Said in other words, the liking and the creativity work for the strategy, they are not the strategy.

No more words, this is my proposal for the criteria:

1) On strategy: We need that every piece of communication expresses the unique value proposal of the brand. If our value proposal is that we take care of your beloved ones, we must be sure this idea is present on all of the possible pieces of communication.

2) Strong visual benefit: We are in a visual world…people read little, but see a lot. Well, we need to visually show our benefit. If our value proposal is t we take care of your beloved ones, you have to see the love and the care, when you see…you feel.

3) Likeable: Every piece of communication must be liked by THE TARGET, not by me. If I´m a 30 years old marketing manager, it´s possible I manage a brand for teens….or another one  classical for 40ers. Of course, I´m not the one to evaluate if they will like this piece or not, I have to think as them or even better, ask them!

4) Understandable and yet relevant: For a young target, we must say everything fast…almost flashy….we need to be clear and understandable, if they see the piece and they like it….but  they don´t understand, we are failing. It´s even more acceptable be clear even if not so likeable.

5) Branding ok: This is a MUST…and I´m not talking about the logo only, I mean colours, graphic elements, kind of images (light, people or not, angles) and master distribution must be consistent. If you see two pieces developed for different purposes, they will be different yes, but you must know they have the same father. Normally, when you see two brothers or sisters, normally you know they have a blood link even before you learn the last name, well it´s the same!!

At the end, great creativity is the creativity that is innovative and different inside the criteria defined for our brand. That is why great creative guys are so valued, it´s not having ideas only, it´s having ideas that build on the same direction.

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