The digital Era and the Pandemic Covid-19 bring to us a revolutionary way of selling. If labs don’t renove and became creative sales for sure will decrease

Talking with people who work in the pharmaceuticals industry, including Joselin Karina Vásquez Serrano (who happens to be an award winning of the best medical representative certify for the medical association of Suchitepequez, Guatemala and that I happen to mentor since to beginning of her career). We concluded about the resistances the doctors had towers virtual visit, which has reflected in less prescription that IMS report. The chiefs of all companies need to get the sales goal, but the virtual visit doesn’t get achievement, we know from companies that the average virtual visit requirement is from 10 at 12 visit per day, and nobody has reached that number. And we believe, that for all doctors it must be annoying to received invitations to webinars, to virtual visit, and message of the patients all day long.

For that reason, I recommend the following strategies

  1. “Experience” the first enemy of the re-invention. That concept means to be whiling to quit to whatever you believe that doesn’t work no more, and the way to figure out that old solutions don´t work to solve new problems. Since the pandemic all companies need to look for new and creative forms to get the results that they expect and that includes the digital marketing.

2.- The laboratory as a mentor for the Doctor. The Doctors need the support for someone at the digital Era and the labs can coach the Doctors to make this happen. They need to change the MindSet the SkillSet and the ToolSet also to create a Strategy for their social media and personal branding

3.- Social Selling. We know that the priority for the doctors are the patients not the labs staff, for the virtual visit it’s a challenge, however the companies needs to create the tools for their teams. And catch the attention of the doctors. So, they need to create engagements to provoke the doctors to take that virtual visit.

All labs need to do is make different things to get the achievements.