Facebook’s annual conference, also known as F8, is here. F8 is a two-day event where developers, creators, entrepreneurs, students and innovators from around the world gather to network and explore the future of technology with Facebook and its family of apps. In addition to keynotes from Facebook leaders, there will be sessions, meetups and demos that showcase the latest in AI, open source, AR/VR, developer programs and new tools designed to help you build your products and grow your business.

If you’re currently in Silicon Valley for this amazing event and you’re coming from a Latin American country, Manos Accelerator, represented in Latin America by Neurona Digital, is your connection to networking with the best companies from the Valley. Manos Accelerator connects startups, investors, students and businesses with the best innovation in America. Its hands-on acceleration program has been a critical step to the success of many Latino companies and now Manos is here to help Latinos in Facebook’s F8 to connect with people who will help you get your ideas realized.

Neurona Digital represents Manos Accelerator in Latin America and its CEO, Engel Fonseca, will be at F8 as a Manos Mentor, helping you connect with the best ideas, entrepreneurs and creators from Silicon Valley and all over the work. If you’re here for the event or you want to find out more about how Manos Accelerator and Neurona Digital can help you expand your business through the Silicon Valley mindset, contact them here to find out more. Make every learning opportunity a business and networking one!