As part of the South Florida Idea Exchange, an event convoked by the International Council of Shopping Centers, JC Cachoua, the President & CEO of Fine Spices Brands presented its brand’s new portfolio between the warm weather of Florida and an auditorium full of local and international attendants.

¿How to secure local success while still allowing both national and international growth? JC Cachoua thinks all new concepts need to be in line with the market needs and to have been tested to minimize risks associated with the restaurant industry. “There are also new challenges we all faced today such as the increased labor expense that led us to redesign our layouts and the use of new technology to gain more efficiency throughout our concepts.”, he mentioned.

Fine Spices Brands is a multi-restaurant concept company bringing new exciting brands into the US market. During the event they also presented each one of the 5 different concepts the group will develop next year in South Florida.

Their way to success is to adapt each one of our concepts to every market we enter by studying carefully the local taste and likes which is unlikely in the large restaurant chain format. Mr Cachoua also explained how, to replicate the success story of brands such as Italianni’s in Mexico, they hired the local architectural expertise from Saladino design studios for their new prototype as well as talented Chefs such as Michael Bernstein to participate in the development of its concepts to be launched in Miami during 2019.

Since they have secured enough funds for all their new concepts, they compromised to develop them in the next three years, and we can’t wait to find out (and taste) what they’re cooking.

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