What would you do if your startup reached heaven in Silicon Valley? Manos Accelerator, the mentorship-driven accelerator program for Latino-led startup companies is looking to hear your company’s pitch and help us raise the bar for this environment.

What will the Manos Pitch Night mean for you? We have some ideas:

  1. Networking: As part of the event, you’ll be able to meet and receive feedback from top industry leaders as well as get to know other Latino-led startups. Part of the business developing phase is getting to know the right people and we’re sure you’ll be very pleased and excited after meeting our guests.
  2. Pitching: Not only professionals and other startups will be a part of our event, angel investors will also be attending so this is a great opportunity to pitch your startup on stage and hopefully receive financing. Bring your best ideas and work those numbers!
  3. Connecting: Manos Accelerator focuses in education and, as such, you’ll be able to connect with our team and give your startup the best “hands-on” education along with business resources, infrastructure, capital, and guidance if you can show us how you’re one of the most promising Latino-led startup companies.

More than 70 companies have graduated from our program and we’ve surely helped a few others along the way. This event, in partnership with Wells Fargo and the Harvard Angels, is surely the next step for your company, so sign up through our Contact form and we’ll send you an email to save your place. Are you ready for your company to grow?